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Pink razor set

Pink razor set

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  • 5 Astra superior platinum double edged razors included
  • With pure Cotton bag
  • Built with high quality and durable stainless steel
  • Closed comb for a smooth, delicate and safe shave
  • Ideal for face and body hair
  • EcoPackaging produced with food processing residues




Every year about 10 billion disposable razors end up in the trash. It is estimated that the largest manufacturer sells about 11 million of them a day, they are certainly cheap but they are only made to last between 6 and 10 shaves. 

Choosing a durable metal alternative will help you avoid wasting about 50 disposable shavers per year and it will also save you a huge amount of money

tukiki® was born as a perfect replacement for the disposable plastic razor: built with high quality materials and a blade that does its job to ensure a perfect shave. Choose between two colors and be ready to shave in an eco-friendly way

Wrapped in an environmentally friendly packaging made from corn waste and FSC® certified recycled paper.

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Customer Reviews

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Spedizione veloce e personalizzata, senza plastica (anche la bolla di consegna è in carta adesiva)!!
Bellissimo il sapone omaggio al vino rosso! Mai vista tanta cura nel packaging. La scelta del materiale del rasoio è perfetta, l'ottone è naturalmente antibatterico; pesa il giusto per evitare che scappi via e aiutano anche le zigrinature, che dire, fantastico!