Why tukiki?

Because we care about the earth as much as you do.
Because you can't wait any longer.

Because it seems boring (as well as quite megalomaniac!) to save the world by ourselves, each one on his own so...let's try to do it all together!

Because we realize that it's a difficult task and a bit scary... so why not try to make it a little more fun?

Because we want to include those who haven't thought about it yet, haven't started, couldn't: hey, we are talking to you!

zero waste eco tukiki

If you agree with us, but you don't know where to start, then TUKIKI is for you!

We believe in a cleaner and more natural future, free from disposable plastic.

That's why TUKIKI was born, with TUKIKI we can all together contribute to the reduction of plastic without disrupting our daily lives. Let's do it together, step by step, starting with simple changes and aiming high!

If you think that helping the environment means living a life of sacrifices and drastic changes, you are wrong! TUKIKI is eco-friendly, comfortable to use and why not?!, even cool!

 Usa meno plastica tukiki

We pay attention to our environmental footprint in every step of our work and we are committed to choose for you the solution that best summarizes respect for the environment, comfort and aesthetics.

TUKIKI always uses recycled or recyclable packaging and in most products we use the "CRUSH" pack, made of recycled paper and food processing residues.