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6 products for a plastic-free bath!

eco-friendly bathroom

Having a plastic-free bathroom? It seems like a mission impossible worthy of Tom Cruise in his golden days, but believe us, with some little tricks, it won't be at all.

In this room where you spend a lot of time pampering yourself and make yourself beautiful, you can have a go at becoming eco-friendly and therefore feel less guilty!

If you want to know how, all you have to do is continue reading this article.

The advantages of a sustainable bathroom

Having a sustainable bathroom will not only allow you to give a hand to the environment, but also to save a great amount of money (which, let's face it, is much better spent on something more exciting like a dress, a pair of shoes, a book , a trip, a dinner in a Michelin restaurant ...).

In the following paragraphs we will show you some products that will help you creating your new plastic-free bathroom.

Washable make-up remover pads

The make-up remover pads are nowadays an indispensable aid for those who love make-up or those who (like us!) need it desperately to make themselves at least presentable in society! But have you ever thought about how polluting the traditional disposable discs can be?

Luckily, there is an eco-friendly solution and it consists of the washable version of the pads, that can be reused many times.

Once the make-up is removed, you can put the pads in the washing machine at 40 degrees (or if you fancy having a go with some grease, rub them and rinse them thoroughly under running water) and you're done.

In addition, these are usually sold with a special bag, to avoid losing them inside the appliance.

Thanks to this smart purchase, you can also save a lot of space: the stock of packs of cotton disks piled in the bathroom cabinet will be only a far memory.

Solid soap

We are nowadays used to the use of liquid detergents for personal hygiene. But until a few decades ago, solid soap was the normal format in use.

A return to those habits would be desirable for the protection of the environment. In fact, liquid soap cannot do without its plastic container, and if you have a go at counting how many bottles of various soaps you have in the shower, on the tub, near the sink, you will agree that it is time to find an alternative.

Luckily, the manufacturers are slowly adapting their products to plastic-free packaging, and you will find many variations of solid soap and foam bath in the shops, in hundreds of fragrances and colors. Finally, you can indulge in shopping without weighing on the environmental footprint.

Solid shampoo

Yes, you read that right: shampoo doesn’t only exist in its liquid version, sold in polluting plastic bottles, but also in a solid version.

The latter has numerous benefits, including:

1. it is made with natural ingredients that don’t cause allergies or damage the skin or hair;

2. it can be safely placed inside the hand luggage when traveling by plane; takes up less space and is definitely much lighter;

4. it has a much longer shelf-life than liquid shampoo.

5. it is sold in cardboard boxes, much more sustainable than plastic bottles.

tukiki safety razor

Safety razors

Men and women have one annoying problem in common: hair! Shaving your beard or unwanted hair is an honour that only few choose to avoid. Apart from personal ideas on the need to shave or not, this millennial habit has a strong environmental impact. Who, among us, doesn’t use the practical disposable plastic razors?

There are so many types, with one, two three, a thousand blades! They have those delicate pastel colours design for the ladies, and some more virile designs for the gentlemen ... Yet the eco-friendly alternative exists: the classic metal safety razor with a replaceable blade. Plastic-free and no disadvantages. You buy it once and you just have to replace the razor blade every now and then. And as for colour and design, they have nothing to envy to plastic ones!

Panty liners and washable sanitary pads

Sanitary pads and panty liners are essential products for every woman, products for which each of us spends several hundred Euros per year.

Do you know that they also exist in a washable version?

The panty liners and washable sanitary pads, in addition to providing a considerably economical advantage, are absolutely free of chemicals and harmful pesticides.

They are also available in captivating colors and fashion patterns: from little stars to polka dots, from unicorns to flamingos!

To obtain the best for your intimate hygiene, we recommend rinsing them with cold water after use and then washing them in a washing machine at low temperature (max 40 ° C).

Bamboo toothbrushes

Traditional plastic toothbrushes are clearly polluting, so how about replacing them with bamboo alternatives?

Bamboo is a type of wood that grows quickly and without the help of chemicals.

Furthermore, unlike plastic, it is biodegradable. If you think that each one of us changes the toothbrush every 3 months, then 4 times a year ... the saving of plastic becomes really significant, even when we talk about an apparently small and insignificant object like the toothbrush!

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